Intercultural Learning

Intercultural Learning

Duration of intercultural learning workshops vary from three to six day.

The workshops are targeted at individuals and groups actively working in an international context as youth workers, art and cultural producers, cultural managers and journalists.

Today few art and cultural organisations can claim to function successfully without international contacts and partners or in a monocultural setting. Intercultural and diversity competence becomes imperative to successful social and professional interaction.

Awareness of the challenges inherent in working in a diverse setting, reexamining communication practices, assessing oppressive policy and practice in organisational and societal structures and one’s own practice environment, as well as exploring the practical implications of the same lays the foundation for such social and intercultural competence. Based on the personal experiences of the participants, the interdisciplinary, interactive workshops, which combine theory and practice, set into motion a learning process that provides time and space for reflection and for applying the learned to one’s work and everyday life.

References (Selection)

Sustainable Development and Activism

2014 Co-Facilitator of the “Evaluation Conference” of the project Citizenship for Change: Empowering Volunteer Activism. October 13-17, 2014, Lima, Peru. Organised by Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos del Peru and ICYE International Office (International Cultural Youth Exchange). and

2014 Co-Trainer of “Citizenship for Change: Empowering Volunteer Activism. International Training-Seminar”. March 31 – April 4, 2014, Madrid, Spain. Organised by AFAIJ Spain and ICYE International Office. and

2010 Co-Trainer of the 9th Asia-Europe Young Volunteers Exchange (AEYVE 2010) “Civil Societies at Work – Measuring Voluntary Service Impact from personal to community development”. August 10 – September 7, 2010, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Organised by CCIVS (Coordinating Committee of International Voluntary Service) in collaboration with ASEF (Asia Europe Foundation).

2009 Educational advisor and co-trainer of the Asia-Europe Young Volunteers Exchange (AEYVE 2009) “Intercultural Approaches to Environmental Sustainability”. August 21-September 4, Singburi, Thailand. Organised by CCIVS in collaboration with ASEF.

2005 Trainer of an “Anti-Bias and Socio-environmental workshop” with a group of teachers under the aegis of the Goethe-Institut Mumbai, India.

Intercultural Dialogue, Anti-Racism and Human Rights Education

2017 Co-Trainer of “Youth Work Can Unite: Merging Parallel Realities in Europe”, a training for youth and volunteering NGOs in Europe, focusing on anti-racism and supporting refugees in Europe. February 22 – 26, 2017, Graz, Austria. Organised by Grenzenlos Interkultureller Austausch and ICYE International Office.

2016 Co-Facilitator of the “Gauging Impact Conference” of the project Communicating Human Rights in Diversity. April 21–25, 2016, Bogotá, Colombia. Organised by ICYE Colombia and ICYE International Office.

2015 Co-trainer of the “Communicating Human Rights in Diversity. International Training for Human Rights Education Multipliers”. March 19–23, 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark. Organised by Dansk ICYE and ICYE International Office.

2010 Co-Trainer of “Migrating Identities: Voluntary Service as a tool for Integration”. November 28 – December 5, 2010, Barcelona, Spain. Organised by CCIVS and funded by Council of Europe.

2009 Co-Trainer of the Asia-Europe Training for Youth Leaders “The Role of Human Rights Education in Intercultural Dialogue – an Asia-Europe Perspective”. May 17–24, 2009, European Youth Centre, Budapest, Hungary. Organised by ASEF and Council of Europe.

2008 Expert for Intercultural Learning’ for the four trainings within the framework of the project Promoting Interethnic Dialogue and Intercultural Learning – Training for EVS sending and host organisations in EU, African and Asian Countries, January–July 2007, Berlin, Germany, Cape Town, South Africa and Bangalore, India. Organised by ICYE International Office, Volunteer Centre South Africa and ICDE.India.

2007 Co-Trainer of the “Asia-Europe Training For Trainers on Intercultural Learning” from May 25–31, 2007, Manila, Philippines. Organised by ASEF.

Non-Formal Education

2016 Co-Trainer of “Volunteers at the Interface between Formal and Non-Formal Education. International Multipliers Training”. February 7-11, 2016, Vienna, Austria. Organised by Grenzenlos Interkultureller Austausch and ICYE International Office.


2010 Trainer of “Gender Sensitivity at (voluntary) Work” for EVS volunteers (European Voluntary Service). December 14 – 15, Victoria Falls, Zambia. Organised by CCIVS.

2010 Trainer of “Gender Sensitivity Workshop” for youth NGOs in Europe. December 10, 2010, UNSECO, Paris, France. Organised by CCIVS.

2009 Trainer of the “Euro Latin America Training Seminar on Promoting Young Women’s Active Citizenship”, conducted a module on “Questioning Gender Concepts”. July 12–18, 2008, Quito, Ecuador. Organised by ICYE International Office.

International Voluntary Service and Impact Assessment

2016 Co-Facilitator of “Calling Youth to Action in a Global Visibility Drive”, training for communication professionals in the field of long-term international volunteering. November 16 – 20, 2016, Accra, Ghana. Organised by ICYE Ghana and ICYE International Office.

2013 Co-Facilitator of “Evaluation of a Volunteering Research Training”. October 13-18, 2013, Helsinki, Finland. Organised by Maailmanvaihto – ICYE Finland and ICYE International Office.

2013 Co-Trainer of the “Training for Cross-Cultural Volunteering Impact”. April 18-22, 2013, London, United Kingdom. Organised by ICYE-UK and ICYE International Office.

2007 Trainer of the training for trainers, “Approaches to intercultural learning in a globalised world: how to strengthen the local impact of voluntary service organisations in Eastern Europe,” November 15-19, 2007, L’viv, Ukraine. Organised by CCIVS.

2007 Speaker on the panel, “Manifold Partnerships to achieve UNESCO’s objectives. Concrete Examples” on behalf of CCIVS, October 25, 2007, UNESCO General Conference, International Forum of Civil Society, Paris, France.

2007 Trainer of two training seminars of the Asia Europe Youth Trainers Exchange 2007 – introduction and evaluation trainings – September 11-15, 2007 and September 29–October 2, 2007, Paris, France. Organised by CCIVS in collaboration with ASEF.

Anti-Bias and Diversity Trainings

2008 Conceptualised, organised and conducted a 2-day Anti-Bias Training, “Making Diversity a Reality!” for 9th graders of the Nelson Mandela School and the Berlin British School in 2009 and 2008 respectively, both in Berlin, Germany.

2008 Conceptualised, organised and conducted a 2-day Anti-Bias Training, “Making Diversity a Reality!” for 9th graders of the Bombay International School and the École Mondiale School in 2008, both in Mumbai, India.

These four trainings were conducted for and form part of my dissertation “Political Education in Plural Societies: Using the Anti-Bias Approach to challenge oppression in Bombay and Berlin”, University of Kassel.